Geordie Shore: 23 Mint & Mortal Trailer Memories

  • 23 Mint & Mortal Trailer Memories >>>

  • Cancun carnage

  • And Spring Break drama

  • Then Jay left the Shore.

  • And Gaz's world fell apart...

  • Tash on tours #OIOI

  • Then it was Down Under.

  • How could we forget.

  • Gaz certainly won't.

  • 'Cos the sun always shines.

  • And Jay made his comeback.

  • Scotty T banged Holly.

  • Queen V sucked off a sausage.

  • And Scott couldn't leave Oz behind.

  • Then Charlotte got political.

  • A new vision #geordieparty

  • And a whole new world-ie.

  • Parsnip for President.

  • He got Charlotte's vote.

  • And probably Holly's too.

  • Buck squad crew...

  • Doing what they do!

  • The greek tragedy is on...

  • GET SET!

  • It's gonna be even...

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    Tuesday, 03. November 2015