Justin Bieber’s ‘I’ll Show You’ Teaser Is Out

And Immediately Gave Us Serious Purpose...

Listen up Beliebers! It’s time to prepare ourselves for yet another Justin Bieber release, that is sure to be every bit as good as the last two – ‘What Do You Mean’ and ‘Sorry’ – but with a heartbreaking twist.

JB released yet another teaser clip on Instagram, showing bits of his new video to ‘I’ll Show You’, promising simply, ‘Today.’

Here we see the Biebs out and about in a very lush landscape, skateboarding, jumping off rock formations, staring at waterfalls, and just embracing a generally adventurous feel and the song itself is a smooth beat that you can’t help but jam along to.

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We still can handle all of the emotions, excitement and basically everything until ’I’ll Show You’ is finally out, but hey, we’ve now got an explanation for all of those epic Justin Bieber in nature pics!

Monday, 02. November 2015