14 Brilliantly Inappropriate Uses For New Emojis

  • 14 Brilliantly Inappropriate Uses For New Emojis >>>

  • With this emoji you can highlight how unglamorous you and your friends' lives are, most probably whilst eating a frozen pizza.

  • This pretty psychotic half smile emojicon, only lets us think of one situation.. sending a message rahter a WARNING along the lines of "seriously... stop sending me annoying messages… or you will die".

  • When you're in serious need to tell your friends you pulled off "the popcorn trick"... (guys only, sorry gals).

  • When your friend tells you they had unprotected sex, send this they'll get really paranoid and doubt all of her life choices. The humor in it turns out eventually!

  • Get ready, everyone, this is the new aubergine (AKA the new universal symbol for a penis). While Drake makes so much effort with his 'hotline bling', instead of actually ringing someone up, you can just send the hot dog emoji and they're all yours! (Hopefully)

  • This is code for a vagina. Obviously. Use it pretty much the same way as the hot dog and fingers crossed, the taco will be filled with a sausage (sorry, that's really gross).

  • Use this to just really annoy your friend who hates Star Trek. Send it to her constantly until she blocks you on ever medium that it's possible to send emojis on. So much fun!

  • Unicorns don't exist (sorry to spoil anyone's day with this fact), so it’s your way of saying “dream on!”.

  • Use this to celebrate the day when you finally managed to sell these smelly ol' trainers of yours on eBay for a whole lot of MONAY!

  • Send this when the person who sent you the topless picture asks you out in a cringey way. You're gonna need them to make more effort than a cringey chat up line.

  • You can use this when someone you fancy sends a smokin' hot topless picture. So, get ready to use it a lot!*

  • Send this when you mean to say “I have no words”, for example, when someone tells you that two of your friends who hate each other got off last night. Or that you promise that you won’t spread the rumour that they got off. Even though it'll be really difficult.

  • If one of your friends sends you a selfie, but their glasses are a bit too far down their face, send them the middle finger! They'll definitely get the message that they need to push their glasses up and will thank you for looking out for them.

  • You can send this to your friend who tells you he is staying in to read a book instead of joining you on a messy night out.

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