We're So Buzzin' For Geordie Shore In Greece

  • GREECE! The birthplace of human civilization. Until now. The Geordies have landed!

  • They are leaving the toon behind, for sun, sea and partying. It's about to get done.

  • Oi Oi! Where is the nearest Kebap shop?!

  • The villa looks proper mint like! Bet it's full of take away wrappers already.

  • AHHHH... the pool! #wishwewerethere

  • Kyle reckons he'll fit in perfectly in Greece. Nice horse lad.

  • Lets get this party started!

  • The Geordies will be living it up on a yacht. Proper glamorous.

  • There are plenty of fit birds for the lads to crack on with too.

  • Gaz is ready to pop his cork - greek style.

  • Buzzin' for a bit of yacht jumping.

  • Crackers Chloe is single and ready to mingle. Watch out lads!

  • ...and there will be plenty tears from the lasses.

  • Holly's also going to get proper angry like.


  • Alreet sailor? The lads are buzzin' to be back together.

  • While the lasses are looking like proper worldies in their outfits.

  • Meanwhile Charlotte's new signature look is a ponytail whip.

  • Farm animals might be making an appearance.

  • And Holly's going to have a party with a bog roll. LOL

  • The lads will be bromancing all over the place.

  • Yep, they're at it again!

  • Charlotte's getting into the greek spirit... smashing some plates.

  • While Gaz wonders... WTF she is doing.

  • The lads will be getting their tops off for lots of poolside time.

  • And Chloe's going to walk into the pool. Fully clothed.

  • Charlotte will be doing this in a bath tub...

  • ...and this.

  • The family will be having a load of mortal nights out.

  • And it's all going to get to much for our lass Chloe. But WHY???

  • Charlotte will be getting back to her natural roots... LOLS

  • Gaz will be shocked... but WHY???

  • Do we spot Marnie and Scott necking on? And what does this mean?

  • The lads will be having plenty of poolside banter with the lasses. We're definitely ready to go greek now. BRING. IT. ON.

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    FYI: Spoiler Alert!

    With the new season of Geordie Shore all out and about, we are of course totally buzzin’ and desperate to know what’s awaiting us, up in Greece.

    Partying! Pool time! And Charlotte peeing herself! Probably. So here are all the moments you NEED to get excited about, in our picture gallery above.

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    Beware pets, because Geordie Shore 11 will be hitting your screens again. Premiering, Sunday, November 1st at 22:00. Only on MTV.

    Wednesday, 28. October 2015