Beat Of Norway | 13.0

It's time to put Norway into the limelight.

A lot of our favourite artists have released new music lately. Gabrielle, Astrid S, Donkeyboy and OMVR are all back with new music. Check it all out below, along with a brand new EP from the latest Idol-winner Ingvar Olsen, plus a SUPER new and catchy track from Skinny Days!

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Gabrielle – De Beste
New Gabrielle-music is always exciting! But this time, Gabrielle released a song, which some of you might have already heard, as she has been playing it live for quite some time now. Naturally, it has been stuck to our brains ever since we heard it at Palmesus, so of course it feels great to finally have the studio version around to jam to. The autotune effect on her voice fits great to the playful production style, helmed by Thomas Eriksen. So don’t be surprised, if you find yourself humming along to the anthemic chorus. We sure did!  

>>> Listen to: Gabrielle – De Beste

OMVR – Up In The Air
OMVR is back with another solid track! ‘Up In The Air’ has more of a groovy sound to it, compare to what we’ve heard from him before, BUT it suits him just perfectly. While OMVR is literally all up in the air, we’d definitely like to see his song climb up on top of the norwegian music charts.

>>> Listen To: OMVR – Up In The Air

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Astrid S – Hyde
Honestly, ‘Hyde’ is a bit of a weird slow-jam, but maybe that’s the reason why it works so incredibly well. It might not be an instant radio smash, but we somehow feel, that it will get even more people jumping on the Astrid S bandwagon. Lido has really delivered production-wise on this hypnotic new track and Astrid’s voice sounds as angelic and dreamy as ever. We really can’t get enough of this!

>>> Listen To: Astrid S – Hyde

Ingvar Olsen – No More Roses
After Ingvar Olsen won Norwegian Idol last year, he kind of disapeared from the surface a bit, working hard on his music. But all of the waiting and non-exsisting eventually paid off, as Ingvar now really found his own and very unique style, which he presents us within his brand new EP ‘Vol. 1’. We’re already completely in love, with the undoubtably retro Elvis-vibe being heard on his lead single ‘No More Roses’.

>>> Listen To: Ingvar Olsen – No More Roses

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Skinny Days – If I Was A Sailor
Their previous singles have both been bangers, but this new one really takes it to another level! It is way more melodic and radio friendly than what we’ve heard from them so far. We’d totally join them on a sailboat. Any day. Any time.

>>> Listen To': Skinny Days – If I Was A Sailor

Donkeyboy – Lost
Donkeyboy have definitely proven to be ultimate hit machines, and their new single ‘Lost’ probably won’t change anything about that. Although we feel like it sounds a little bit more like a Kygo production than the classic Donkeyboy sound, either or, it’s undeniably hard to resist its catchiness. Luckily, we are huge fans of both, Kygo and Donkeyboy, so complaining AT ALL.

>>> Listen To: Donkeyboy – Lost

Written by Erik Rydning

Monday, 26. October 2015