Kanye throws Kim Kardashian Surprise B-Day Party

Insists everyone wears fake baby bump. Hubby of the year.

Now if Kanye West just didn’t win the gold medal for ‘Husband Of The Millennium’ yesterday, then somethings going entirely going wrong.

Not only did Yeezy throw his wife, Kim Kardashian a surprise birthday party, nope, he also combined the whole event with a Baby Shower, insisting that everyone dressed up as their favorite pregnant Kim, wearing a fake bump. AMAZING.

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With Kim being at seven months pregnant it of course wasn’t the usual glitzy event, but instead a daytime affair at the local luxury cinema with her closest friends and family. They all watched the new Steve Jobs film, and ate churros together, because when you’re a Kardashian you can do whatever you want.

Happy Birthday, Kim.

Thursday, 22. October 2015