Justin Bieber Teases His New Single 'Sorry'

It's only 13 seconds, but it's everything.

So, Justin Bieber just teased his new single ‘Sorry’ once again, deciding to slow things a notch, presenting us an acoustic version of the track, with then asking a real obvious question: ‘Who is ready for ’Sorry’?’

Ummm…us, me, EVERYONE!

This is not the first, but actually the third time the Biebes teased his forthcoming single. Only earlier this week, King Bach posted a video of his visit to the White House, showing him and some fellow Vine celebs hanging with First Lady Michelle Obama, with ‘Sorry’ playing in the background.

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Not to forget last weeks tease, when JB posted a video of himself dancing to the beat of the track, which definitely has the typical Skrillex sound to it, giving us some serious ‘Where Are Ü Now’ type vibes.

Luckily, we will be able to hear the entire track when it drops Friday. Can’t wait!

Thursday, 22. October 2015