1D's 'Perfect' Is Surely Not About Taylor Swift

  • >>> 11 Things One Direction’s Single ‘Perfect’ Is More Likely To Be About Than Taylor Swift >>>

  • 1. Niall Horan's Irish accent. PERFECT.

  • 2. Liam Payne's selfie skills. PERFECT.

  • 3. Harry's dedication to fashion. PERFECT.

  • 4. Louis hair circa 2012. PERFECT.

  • 5. That time they sang Rihanna on the X-Factor. PERFECT.

  • 6. When Harry twerked at the tcas like it wasn’t even a thing. PERFECT.

  • 7. Niall’s commitment to that quite questionable hat he always wears. PERFECT.

  • 8. Liam’s attempts at being ‘down with the kids’. PERFECT.

  • 9. Harry’s reaction to the band winning our MTV Hottest Summer Superstar award. PERFECT.

  • 10. *THE FANS*. PERFECT.

  • 11. And the true inspiration for this song. PER-FECT.

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    We know 11 other things, 'Perfect' is more likely to be about.

    What exciting times, for all (of us) Directioner’s, not only because of their new single ‘Perfect’ on the horizon, but also, because of the band’s forthcoming and fifth album ‘Made In The A.M’ is about to hit the stores SOON.

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    But unfortunately, it seems, that for SOME reason, SOME people are trying to ruin all this excitement for us, as SOME sneaky sausage at The Sun has revealed that the song is actually about Taylor Swift.

    We – Don’t – Think – So.

    Check out 11 other things in our picture gallery above, ‘Perfect’ is more likely to be about than Taylor Swift. Sorry Swifty.

    Wednesday, 14. October 2015