One Direction Releases Album Track List

And we are very excited. VERY. EXCITED.

With One Direction's ‘Made In The AM’ fifth album release only five weeks away – and Justin Bieber's ‘Purpose’ being released on the same day – we’ve kinda been waiting, with baited breathe, for ANY kind of information, on what we can actually expect.

Which is why we’re all kinds of happy that the boys have delivered, meaning we’ve now kind of nearly almost sort of got the full tracklist. We think. Maybe. Hopefully.

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The boys took all the info to Snapchat, slowly but surely revealing, some of the song titles in all kinds of cute ways, including Liam pretending to be a bear at one point.

Anyway, here’s the reported rundown so far:

1. ‘Hey Angel’
2. ‘Drag Me Down’
3. ‘Perfect’
4. ‘Infinity’
5. ‘End Of The Day’
6. ‘If I Could Fly’
7. ‘Long Way Down’
8. ‘Never Enough’
9. ‘Olivia’
10. ‘What A Feeling’
11. ‘Love You, Goodbye’
12. ‘I Want To Write You A Song’
13. ‘History’
14. ‘Temporary Fix’
15. ‘Walking In The Wind’
16. ‘Wolves’
17. ‘A.M.’

Hurry UP November 13.

Monday, 12. October 2015