Beat Of Norway | 12.0

It's time to put Norway into the limelight.

In this times edition of Beat of Norway, Julie Bergan finally returns with some new music, we’ll introduce you to a new boyband, Carl Louis takes us on a journey with his new solo EP and newcomer Iben gets us all emotional with her beautiful cover of an old classic.

Julie Bergan – All Hours
YESSS Julie, this is everything we wished for and even more, as ‘All Hours’ is just such a massive track. With her newest release, she definitely proves, that she, once and for all, has everything what it takes to be a world class popstar. Not only does her voice really take the song to a next level, there is also something about ‘All Hours’, that reminds us of Becky G’s infectious ‘Can’t Stop Dancing’, which obviously is a good thing. We are hungry for more!

>>> Listen To: Julie Bergan – All Hours

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Carl Louis – Telescope EP
Ever since ‘Apogee’ came out, we’ve been longing for more music from Carl Louis. A couple of weeks ago he finally released his first solo EP, ‘Telescope’, and we can’t stop playing it since then! All the tracks just blend in perfectly together, but it’s definitely the instrumental at the end, that really got us hooked!

Watch & Listen: Carl Louis feat. ARY -‘Telescope’

Iben – God Morgen Alle Sammen
Have you seen that Gilde-commercial on TV lately, with the mind-blowing version of ‘God Morgen Alle Sammen’? Well, consider yourself lucky, because we finally have a full version of the song. Although there aren’t that much lyrics to it, the build up throughout the track keeps us longing for more. Iben’s voice – without a doubt – has a unique touch to it, and we hope to hear more from her soon! Fingers crossed.

>>> Listens To: Iben – God Morgen Alle Sammen?

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Truls – Canyons
Truls has teamed up with the production trio Captain Cuts for his latest single ‘Canyons’, and we’re already loving the sound of it!  The melody, the production, and of course Truls’s voice makes this an irresistible piece of true pop music.

Watch & Listen: Truls – Canyons

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Aleksander With – The Butterfly Effect
Aleksander With has come a long since he won the Norwegian Idol-competition back in 2006. His new EP showcases a different side of his music, a side that we really like! We’ve already raved all over his lead single ‘Better’, and the rest of the tracks are just as good. ‘Into The Ocean’ is our favorite so far. Take a dive.

>>> Listen To: Aleksander With – The Butterfly Effect

Anna Of The North – The Dreamer
We’ve been keeping an eye on Anna Of The North for a while now, and with their latest release we can officially say, we have fallen in love! The soft dreamy sound works perfectly with Anna’s voice, and so we certainly have this feeling, that this could become a radio smash hit.

>>> Listen To: Anna Of The North – The Dreamer

The Fluxx – Down The Drain
Can you imagine a Norwegian version of The 1975’s mixed with One Direction? That’s what we get from listening to the debut single from new boyband on the scene The Fluxx. We can’t help but get carried away by the catchy midtempo track. The fact that they look incredibly slick in their promotional photos doesn’t hurt either.

>>> Listen To: The Fluxx – Down The Drain

Written by Erik Rydning

Friday, 09. October 2015