The 13 Stages Of Discovering Nude Justin Bieber Pictures

  • The 13 Stages Of Discovering Those Naked Justin Bieber Pictures, As Told In GIFs >>>

  • 1. You start seeing ‘what do u peen’ jokes on twitter. You’re confused, but you don’t think much of it. MISTAKE.

  • 2. Your friends start tweeting things like ‘oh justin’ and those shady eye emojis. Oh lord, something’s happened. Please, please no drama. We can’t take any more drama.

  • 3. Reluctantly, you type ‘justin bieber’ into the twitter search bar. You’re not emotionally or mentally prepared for this.

  • 4. Oh right. that’s his penis. that’s justin bieber’s penis on your screen. “Am I hallucinating right now?”

  • 5. ZOOM! Don’t even pretend you didn’t.

  • 6. Boy looks goooooooood. And you’re wondering who you need to send a thank you card to in the post.

  • 7. Hang on, is that Jayde Pierce in the background? JAYDE, WHAT’S GOOD?

  • 8. Suddenly, you realise how wrong the situation actually is. This isn’t like a clumsy leaked nude, someone has gone out of their way to take a vulnerable picture of him. THAT’S NOT COOL.

  • 9. #respectjustinsprivacy starts trending. Yes, good. Beliebers know exactly how to protect their fave.

  • 10. You start refreshing justin’s twitter feed every five seconds. Because you’re getting ready for Biebs to start dragging some folks.

  • 11. You fall asleep at 2am with your phone stuck to your face. You didn’t choose the fandom life…

  • 12. Was it all a dream? Nope, nope it wasn’t.

  • 13. You carry on with your life like it’s a normal day, despite the fact you have now seen justin bieber naked. It’s a bittersweet affair, but it’s happened. It's a historical moment, and you're already planning on how you're going to tell your grandkids about it someday.

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    Told in GIFs

    And all of a sudden, somehow and somewhere, there were naked photos of Justin Bieber all over the Internet.


    Obviously we can’t post said pictures because not only do we like not being sued, but we also have slight morals when it comes to a person’s privacy being invaded in the most intense way possible.

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    Still, by now, everyone and their mum has seen the pictures in question, so let’s get through it together with the 13 stages of discovering naked Biebs (as told in helpful GIFs).

    Friday, 09. October 2015