Kanye West Opens Up About Caitlyn Jenner & More

Watch his full Interview with SHOWstudio.

It happend to be that Kanye West sat down with SHOWstudio for yes, a nearly two-hour chit-chat about, well, pretty much every topic going.

From Yeezy's fashion collection to racism, from his presidential run (yes, it’s still happening) to his next album, he spoke about the lot of it. And it was insanely amazing.

But amongst all of his words of wisdom, Kanye also had some pretty amazing words to say about Caitlyn Jenner and her transition.

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Talking about Cait, he explained (in a beautiful rant): ‘F**k what people say, f**k what people think. I feel proud to be in a family that has so many people breaking ground for the generations to come.’

‘I feel proud that… I could be next to a wave of thought of ‘this is who I am’. And that is all I’m about. To let your life be controlled by public opinion would be like asking to sit in traffic for the rest of your life.’

‘Meaning like, you want to turn this way but there’s a car right here that says [you can’t do that]. You want to go a bit faster but there’s a car right in front of you…’

Is it weird that this completely warmed our hearts? AW YEEZY.

Watch the full interview below:

Wednesday, 07. October 2015