9 Happy Vibe Instagram Accounts To Follow

  • 9 Instagram Accounts To Follow When You’re Feeling Down >>>

  • 1. Happsters: Instagram account Happsters brightens up your mood every day with an inspirational quote.

  • 2. Humans of New York: The famous Humans of New York Facebook, run by Brandon Stanton, specializes in sharing the stories of people he meets on the streets of New York, and more recently, elsewhere in the world. Follow this Insta for some truly inspiring stories.

  • 3. Betches: This account is the official Instagram of the website of the same name. They’re focused on the perspective on the modern thoughts of “brutally honest and self-aware young women,” which translates to some hilarious thoughts on life, love and everything else in between.

  • 4. Oh Happy Day: Follow this account for artsy, cute pictures that are sure to brighten up any gray day.

  • 5. Chill Wildlife: This Instagram account highlights our four-legged friends that are chill AF.

  • 6. The Good Quote: This account run by The Good Vibe Co. features quotes meant to inspire and motivate. Follow this account for a self-confidence boost.

  • 7. Cash Cats: Hilariously random Instagram account Cash Cats suggests that you just look at a bunch of cats with cash (two things that go great together, IMHO) to turn your frown upside-down.

  • 8. Jermzlee: Photographer Jeremy Veach features his pug Norm in every photo on his account. And for good reason — that is one cute pup.

  • 9. Tom Hardy Holding Dogs: If all else fails, sometimes you just need to laugh. It’s a good thing actor Tom Hardy likes dogs so much that there are hundreds of pictures of him holding various canines — that fact alone is worth a grin.

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    Having ‘one of of these days’, has and will probably happen to each and every one of us once in a while. We are talking about these days, when listening to Taylor Swift's ‘Shake It Off’ in a loop, wont even do it’s duty anymore.

    In this case, you might start considering, combining your Swifty routine with some Instagram spying. Cause yap, our little eyes spotted some Imstagram accounts, which are basically made for putting a big fat smile onto your face.

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    Check out our nine Instagram accounts, to cue up when you’re feeling a bit low.

    Tuesday, 06. October 2015