Listen To 1D's New Interpretation Of "What Makes You Beautiful"

It's just as priceless as Harreh's face.

As if we’re not hurting enough, that One Direction are going on their so called ‘hiatus’ in the near future, our dearest friends of Capital FM decided to rub it all in our faces again, by predicting their last ever song.

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‘That’s What Makes Us 1D’ debuted on today’s Capital London Breakfast show, which included some hilarious lyric changes, such as: ‘Harry does fall a lot on stage and he likes women of a certain age.’

We know, we know, it’s an old joke. But please try and focus on Harry’s reaction for a moment? PRICE. LESS.

Tbh we’re just grateful for any footage of 1D all in the same room, especially doing something as lol as this.

So is it on iTunes yet or what?

Thursday, 01. October 2015