We Made Dating Profiles For Everyone On ‘Faking It’

    Start swiping.

    Finding your ‘perfect match’ via these so called dating apps is practically ‘everyday business’ to us nowadays. So of course, the students of Hester High of ‘Faking It’ soon joined the game and as you all might know, it just happens to be, that Shane actually met his current boyfriend Duke, from using the dating app ‘Stubble’ at the beginning of Season 2.

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    Naturally, both soon decided to log out, after jealousy was about to ruin everything. But we still can’t stop thinking about, into whom them pair would have run into, if they kept on swiping. So we took the chance, to imagine what flipping through matches on 'Faking It' would be like. Take a look in our picture gallery above.

    Wednesday, 30. September 2015