11 Times Ariana Grande Proved She’s Got Buns, Hun

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  • 1. Remember when she even worked one while hanging with her dog?

  • 2. There’s that time she made da bunsie look hella fancy.

  • 3. Awww, remember when she nailed two braided buns at once?

  • 4. How about that time she even killed it from the side?

  • 5. Or with the OOTD

  • 6. That time she made the messy top knot look effortlessly chic.

  • 7. And one slick ’do down low?

  • 8. Or with a little hair left behind?

  • 9. How about the time she even gave her ’do a nickname? “Bunty,” we love you, and here’s to many (many!) more years to come.

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    Like, the ones on her head, sicko.

    If Ariana Grande is devoted to anything, then it’s definitely her ponytail. I mean she’s been rockin’ that hairdo since forever and we’re still fangirling all over it.

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    But sometimes, Ari gets adventurous and strays from her go-to style, trying out double top knots, to half-up’ do’s or space balls. Naturally, Ariana even slays this look, whilst trademarking it as the ‘Bunty’ at the same time.

    So, here we have 9 times Ari proved the world, that she definitely got buns hun.

    Tuesday, 29. September 2015