Life After 1D: Louis Tomlinson Jokes He'll End Up 'On The Dole'

  • Louis Zomlinson jokes he'll end up 'on the dole', so we play career advisor for him >>>

  • Dentist Receptionist: Louis would be great at booking our next appointment in six months time, especially if we've just been told we've got to have a filling.

  • Librarian: "Sssshhhh", says Louis. See, he's already really good at keeping the library at an optimal level of quiet.

  • Train Ticket Inspector: Imagine the panic when you hear the ticket inspector's coming through the train and you can't find your ticket ANYWHERE. Louis would totally sort you out. He's also very slim so could fit through the aisle well.

  • Self Service Till Manager: One of our biggest enemies in life is The Bagging Area. So imagine how much more bearable the process would be if Louis was the guy with the magic key to make the mean lady go away.

  • Supermarket Baker: We love bread, we love One Direction, so it's just our ultimate dream really.

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    Ever since One Direction announced they’re off on a little bit of a break next year, all anyone can talk about is what they’ll do next.

    So when the lads just recently stopped by the Beats1 London studio and played a game of ‘Choose A Career’, all hell broke loose.

    After turning down being a vet, hand model, DJ or estate agent, Louis Tomlinson decided he’ll probs just ‘end up on the dole’, with Liam Payne keen to join him.

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    Before that happens, we thought we’d suggest a few options for Louis, because his talent simply musn’t be wasted…

    Friday, 25. September 2015