Watch Britney Spears Prank Her Bodyguards

With Neil Patrick Harris & Joe Jonas.

Britney Spears just was part of one of the best pranks ever. Teaming up with Neil Patrick Harris and Joe Jonas for the show, 'Best Time Ever', the three had some fun with a few unsuspecting dudes who were applying for a position as Britney’s bodyguard.

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Brit wore an earpiece through which Neil and Joe Jonas (a.k.a. Neil’s ‘second favorite’ Jonas brother) instructed her what to say and do, starting with greeting the applicants with ‘It’s Britney, bitch!’, and ending with a surprise physical challenge… which one of the guys was actually pretty good at. Honestly Brit, you should definitely hire him when this is all over.

Watch the hilarious prank in our video below:

Wednesday, 23. September 2015