Beat Of Norway | 11.0

It's time to put Norway into the limelight.

You’ve probably already been asking yourself, whats been crackalackin’ within the Norwegian music scene lately, right? Then stay right here, right now, cause we’ve once again picked some of our local faves among the latest releases for you to check out. Take a very first listen at our favorite picks below, and definitely let us know bout your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter or/and Instagram (MTVNorway), cause we yes, we do want to know!

The other exciting news is, that the 2015 MTV EMA nominations have finally been announced and it happens to be, that many of our Beat favorites are within the nominees. Sandra Lyng, Astrid S, Donkeyboy, Madcon and Kygo are all in the running to maybe take a EMA trophy home. Congrats and guys, don’t forget to vote at

Now, lets get back to ‘Beat-business’…

Alida – When I Die
Alida already got us hooked with her two first singles ‘Feathers’ and ‘Some Of Us’. Since then we’ve impatiently been waiting for a follow-up, which now finally arrived. This time Alida has teamed up with super producer Joakim Haukaas, who is also the responsible for some of Gabrielle’s smash hits. ‘When I Die’ showcases Alida’s potential to its fullest, and highlights the unique sound of her voice so perfectly, that it almost sounds a bit spooky, in a good way. Naturally, we’d love to hear more from Alida.

First listen here >>> "Alida – When I Die ":

Henrik The Artist – Naked
Henrik The Artist embraces the PC Music-genre to the fullest. ‘Naked’ is a really playful production, which sounds so crispy n’ clean, that we really can’t get enough of it. Caution, it’s incredibly addictive!

First listen here: Henrik The Artist – Naked

St. Niklas – Fire With Fire (Rykkinnfella Remix)
‘Fire With Fire’, from St. Niklas’s new EP ‘Origo’, what a great track to begin with, but wait for it, cause Rykkinfella now really brought a different kind of life to it. He transformed the original, more guitar driven track into a chill summery track, with an irresistible vibe. You can catch St. Niklas live at Uhørt on October 24th, and hopefully he’ll get Rykkinnfella on stage with him to perform this version live!

First listen here >>> St. Niklas – Fire With Fire

Sval – To År Tilbake
Sval is turning into a pop star right before our eyes. With only being 16 years old, her voice has something so unique to it, that we just can’t stop listening to it. Or is it, because it somehow sounds a little bit like Justin Bieber. Either or, we love this track as we basically loved every single one of Sval’s releases so far!

First listen here >>> Sval – To År Tilbake

Nathalie Nordnes – You Will Live Forever
Oh how we have missed the sounds of Nathalie Nordnes, haven’t we?! But everyone can instantly stop being all sad about it, because here she is, all back on track with a brand new single. ‘You Will Live Forever’, is a proper and very dreamy pop track, including the classic Nathalie-weirdness, which we so adore. Naturally, we can’t wait to hear more of her new music.

First listen here >>> Nathalie Nordnes – You Will Live Forever

Daniel Kvammen – ‘Fuck Deg Hesing 90-Talet’
Name dropping Britney Spears automatically draws a lot attention. Seems as if Daniel Kvammen totally did the right thing with ‘Fuck Deg hesing 90-talet’. Not only do we really like what we’re hearing (we are suckers for Britney), Daniel also got a place in our Beat article.

First listen here >>>

Kygo – Here For You Ft. Ella Henderson
Kygo is back with another track – what a rhyme – persuading us with the heavenly vocals of the british X Factor star Ella Henderson! The hardcore Kygo fans might notice, that this track has been released earlier this year, at the Miami Ultra Festival. Ella’s vocals truly take the track to another level, but we have to admit, that we do miss these proper catchy Kygo chorus’. Maybe next time.

First listen >>> Kygo – Here For You feat. Ella Henderson

Friday, 18. September 2015