Things We Can't Wait To Dislike On Facebook

  • 8. Things We Can't Wait To Dislike On Facebook

  • 1. Boasts about being on holiday.

  • 3. Humble brags.

  • 4. Brags that could do with being a bit humbler to be honest.

  • 5. Couples having intimate exchanges that don’t really need to take place in the public sphere.

  • 6. Reminders of their incredible careers in case you’d forgotten that they were doing pretty well for themselves thank you very much.

  • 7. Wish-fulfillment in the name of charity.

  • 8. People who think it’s Twitter.

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    Finally, they're bringing the Dislike button. Finally.

    Listen up friends, the moment we have all been waiting for, has finally arrived. Yes, it’s actually true, Mark Zuckerberg – for everyone who’s been living on mars since forever, he’s the CEO of Facebook – has just recently announced the birth of the long awaited Dislike button. Okay, okay, lets not get all too carried away, cause the whole thing it still in a testing phase, but we’re pretty sure, that the Zuckerberg is not going to dislike his own Dislike button.

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    But why did it take them so effin’ long?! Well, the answer is actually quite reasonable, Facebook doesn’t want the Dislike button to be used, in order to harass or disrespect people. We totally get youre point there Facebook, but hands down, who of us can’t wait to finally Dislike their best friends ’I’m on a beach selfies’, right?!

    Find 8 other things we can’t wait to dislike either in our picture gallery above.

    Friday, 18. September 2015