12 Major Differences Between School & University

  • Money. You basically don't have any.

  • 2. Language. No one cares if you swear. Teachers do it to.

  • 3. Studying. In school, there was still a slight stigma attached to being a swot. At uni, everyone loves the swot!

  • 4. Teachers. If you're struggling with a subject at school, a teacher will probably approach you with help. If you're struggling at uni, you'll have to ask for help. NEVER risk a professor's wrath by approaching them at the bar though.

  • 5. Free time. Back in A-Level land, all your time was taken up with classes. At uni, you probably have about two hours' of classes a week. That said…

  • 6. Hard work. It’s foolish to think that the gaping holes in your weekly schedule are sweet, sweet down time. You'll actually be expected to do work under your own initiative. Imagine that.

  • 7. Homework. Did your parents remind you to do your homework? That's not going to happen any more. Same goes for personal hygiene. Being a grown up is HARD.

  • 8. Booze. It's unacceptable at school to turn up to class tiddly-pops. It still is at uni, but people will do it anyway. Breakfast booze is a thing. But you're probably too responsible to do things like that...

  • 9. Responsibility. Miss a class at school and notice is taken. Miss a lecture and no-one notices. Except you when it comes to exam time and you have zero notes.

  • 10. Buddies. Your school friends have known you for at least seven years. Your uni friends have just met you. Drop that nickname you've never liked, OR invent a whole new one for yourself.

  • 12. A Whole New World. School, up to a certain age, is mandatory. University is voluntary. You're there because you want to be. Make the most of it. Trust us on this one.

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