Watch Ariana Grande Slay It At Musical Impressions

...together with Jimmy Fallon. We tell you, it's priceless.

As if none of us was actually waiting so bad for this happen…

…our prayers for this musical impression sing off between Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon must have been heard, as it finally went down at yesterdays The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. And yes, let us tell you, it’s even better than what we’ve hoped for.

Of course, the entire world already knew, that Ari could sing and basically slays it at impersonating any of her favorite performers and songs, but last night, she proved that she’s the queen of impressions, as her and Jimmy Fallon simply played the best game of Wheel of Musical Impressions yet.

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Our favorite has got to be the short but sweet rendition of ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ in the voice of Britney Spears, oh and not to mention her impressive Christina Aguilera attempt.


Ari also dropped the huge bombshell that her new single, ‘Focus’, will be released on October 30. That’s just 44 days to wait, people!

In the meantime, you may just want to watch Ari slay it at the Wheel of Musical Impressions :

Wednesday, 16. September 2015