Kylie Jenner Has Her Own App Now

...and it surpassed Facebook, Instagram and her sister’s Apps.

If you’re not exactly living on the moon, you must have heard, that Kylie Jenner just recently released her very own app. And oh yeah, so did her sisters, but judging by how well Kylie’s app is doing on the* iTunes* charts, you wouldn’t even know it. No offense, Kim.

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Kylie’s App is rising straight to the top, even surpassing Facebook in the top Free Apps chart. (Side note: the app is technically free, but if you want content past the seven-day trial, you have to pay $2.99 a month.)

Apparently, the popularity was so great that people were starting to crash the app, making it necessary for Kylie to tweet a few words of warning to her fans.

So what does Kylie’s app actually include? Well, there are the long awaited makeup tutorials, several live streams, behind-the-scene videos and shopping suggestions. It’s currently besting Facebook, Instagram and YouTube (and some Pop the Lock game that I should probably try).

Anyways… congrats, King Kylie!

Wednesday, 16. September 2015