Lisa Simpson: The Ultimate Feminist Icon

  • 1. Lisa vs. Malibu Barbie

  • 2. “Alright, No Husband”

  • 3. When Lisa Was President of the United States

  • 4. She’s a wiccan, not a witch!

  • 5. When She Was All About Equality! “Girls Just Want to Have Sums”: In this episode of the Simpsons, Lisa chooses to dress up as a boy in order to attend the all boy math class instead of the all girl class. She can appreciate how men roll.

  • 6. Her Choice of Literature

  • 7. She For He! When Marge’s sister trashes Homer for not being home on time for Christmas, Lisa serves her up some realness.

  • 9. “Amen, Sister”! Of course she would visit a women’s rights activist memorial during her stay in Washington.

  • 10. She’s Not Just All Brains. If needed, she can school you in hockey.

  • 11. When She Stood With Women, Not Against Them. “To Surveil With Love”: In this episode Lisa’s intelligence isn’t taken seriously due to her being blonde. Lisa dyes her hair brunette in order to prove that blondes are no different than brunettes and vice-versa.

  • 12. Pretty Hurts, But it Doesn’t Get to Lisa. “Lisa the Beauty Queen”: As Springfield’s Junior Miss Beauty Queen, Lisa decides to use her title to improve the city – not just to be the pretty girl who won. #Goals

  • 13. The Way We Was: The Episode Where We Learned that She Got it From her Mama, Duh

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    This cartoon gal did more for feminism than most real people. Seriously.

    With only 8 years old, Lisa Simpson from the cartoon series ‘The Simpsons’, has already been laying down some truly wise lessons for audiences across the globe.

    Since the shows premiere, in 1989 she has made it pretty clear, that her being a woman wouldn’t be used against her. So she did, what a Lisa Simpson does best, she stood up for what she believed in, and in return, served as a great role model regardless of being a fictional character.

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    While the series has over 570 episodes, we’ve rounded up a few times that Lisa blew our minds with her boss, feministic attitude towards women.

    You go gurl!

    Tuesday, 15. September 2015