Apparently We Didn't Know Everything About Ariana Grande...

    After watching 'Between 2 Queens' we learnt a little more though.

    So, apparently we didn’t as much as we thought about Ariana Grande, as the pop princess just revealed some surprising facts about herself to her ‘Scream Queens’ co-star Emma Roberts.

    The two girls opened up in the first installment of Between 2 Queens, a weekly web series from Fox, featuring the killer stars of your soon-to-be obsession, ‘Scream Queens’. Here, the two fabulous queens, took turns answering each
    other’s questions…

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    So here we have 8 new facts, which we’ve learned about the ‘Love Me Harder’ singer, after watching ‘Scream Queens’. Click through our picture gallery above.

    Friday, 11. September 2015