Apparently We Didn't Know Everything About Ariana Grande...

  • Weet jij welk woord Ariana Grande aan het kokhalzen maakt? >>>

  • 1. She has six dogs. Their names are Toulouse, Coco, Ophelia, Cinnamon, Fawkes and Sirius. But we already knew that, so…

  • 2. Ari isn’t her only nickname. “My manager calls me Ar,” she said. “It’s like, how short can you get?” Word.

  • 3. She had an Orlando Bloom pillowcase growing up. As Legolas, natch. We can’t fault her for crushing on Orlando Bloom in the mid-’00s. Legolas could most certainly GET IT.

  • 4. Her first crush was a liar! Legolas may have been on her pillowcase, but Ariana revealed that her first crush was Jim Carrey.

  • 5. The first CD she bought with her own money was NOT Mariah Carey. “Probably one of the *NSYNC ones, like ’No Strings Attached’ or something.”

  • 6. Do not say the word ointment around her. EVER.

  • 7. When she has a bad day, she plays a little Hoku, obviously. “Perfect Day” by Hoku is her #1 feel-good jam. Girl power pop forever.

  • 8. She’s super into positive affirmations. Her phone’s background screen is a note that “says a whole bunch of nice things.” How pleasant!

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