Taylor Swift Is The New Queen Of Instagram

    Whoopsy - Kim Kardashian is no longer the most followed person on Instagram.

    Ring the alarm people. It happened. Kim Kardashian is no longer the queen aka the most followed person on Instagram, as Taylor Swift has come along and stole her crown just like that. Well, I guess that’s what Kanye West gets for trying to give Beyoncé Taylor’s VMA all those years ago, cause what comes around goes around, right?!

    All in all, T-Swizzle now counts 45.6million followers to Kim’s 45.5 (ouch), while Beyoncé is now lagging with 45million. What a head-to-head race girls!

    Now, we’re of course wondering, if it was the cats who did it? The fan-knitted sweater? Or the flowers from Yeezy himself?

    Who knows. But Calvin Harris (and his 3.9million followers) must be so proud right now.

    Wednesday, 09. September 2015