The Refugee Crisis: What You Can Do To Help?

As the world’s attention continues to turn to the refugee crisis, it can be overwhelming trying to wrap your head around exactly what’s going on, and how you can help. 

But this is important - so here’s what’s happening, and what you can do about it. Because if you’d lost your friends, family, and home, wouldn’t you want someone to help you out? 

Why is there a refugee crisis? 

This is the largest refugee crisis in Europe since WW11. So far in 2015 more than 350,000 people have already made the perilous journey across the Mediterranean Sea, many fleeing from war torn nations such as Syria and Afghanistan. That’s already 25% more than the whole of 2014. In Italy, 7,600 children have arrived alone this year, without any parents or families at all.

Many families and young people face such violence and conflict at home that they are setting out on potentially fatal journeys, just to try and find safety. The UN Refugee Agency has reported more than 2,500 deaths this year just from Mediterranean crossings. But, even if they survive the journey, once they arrive, refugees are now finding themselves unwelcome, under siege and unsafe yet again. 

Though EU nations have agreed to take on 32,000 additional refugees over the next two years, this is just a small fragment of the total number of people who need refuge. Germany have suspended regulations on the number of refugees they can take on and are encouraging others to do the same. If we put pressure on our leaders to rethink their current status, maybe more countries will follow suit, and offer a home or protection, to those who need it. 
What can you do to help? 

It’s a huge problem, with no simple solution. But we can all do something to make a difference. Here’s how: Donate to Save The Children. ALL money will go strictly towards Save The Children who work with refugees that are fleeing and provide them with aid and support. It’s simple and easy and you can donate here, directly on

Together we can put pressure on the people who make decisions on our behalf, and show them that we want our countries to better support those who need our help. 

Everything you do, big or small, can help. This problem, which won’t go away on its own – it’s up to all of us to play our part in working towards a solution. 

Wednesday, 09. September 2015