7 Times Pocahontas Was One With Mother Nature

    Those other girls haven't heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon.

    From Snow White, Ariel, to Cinderella, it’s pretty much a given that every Disney Princess has a four-legged friend or or a blast whilst romping through some haunted forests, just because they can, and yes, they do live in a proper fairytale.

    But our girl Pocahontas – now, besides enjoying all of the above on a regular, she also was a true environmentalist by heart.

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    Sure, the IRL story of Pocahontas was slightly less optimistic than the one Disney spun in the now 20-year-old cartoon classic, but putting aside the revisionist history of the tall tale, we can see that our girl Poca was the tree-huggingest Disney Princess of them all and here’s why in our picture gallery above.

    Tuesday, 08. September 2015