FYI Ladies: Tampons Are So 2000

...and Princess Supertar is going to tells us why, in this hilarious Period-Positive video.

As if the general badassery of having a period isn’t rough enough, we also have to deal with all of these – mostly very pricey – menstrual hygiene products, ignoring the fact of the high amount of waste we actually and unwillingly produce. But what other options – menstrual pads are not an option – are out there, for menstruating people like us?

Well, ever heard of the menstrual cup? It’s a well-loved alternative to the tampon and pad – we tell you it’s a thing. It’s a clean, inexpensive and you just pop up in your ‘vajayjay’, as Princess Superstar so eloquently puts it, before going to take on the world. Also, it’s reusable, so there’s no monthly ninja trip to the grocery store required and it’s ecofriendly.

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Definitely check out Lunette's Period-Positive video below – featuring Princess Superstar – introducing the magic of the menstrual cup to us. Note to yourself: Maybe don’t actually use it after for a drink with your friends, but whatever. Whether a menstrual cup is for you or not, these rappin’ ladies definitely have our attention.

Monday, 07. September 2015