Selena Gomez's rap influenced record

Selena Gomez hopes her music will get people up and dancing.

Selena Gomez’s new album is inspired by rap.

The star is getting ready to release her second solo record Revival in October, with first single Good For You featuring A$AP Rocky. It’s a slight departure from her previous straight-pop sound and the 23-year-old explained the philosophy behind her music.

“This time I’ve really let myself be inspired by rap sounds,” she revealed to German magazine Jolie. “But generally, I just want to make feel-good songs that make people want to dance.”

But Selena doesn’t just make dance floor anthems – she’s also a big name in Hollywood, most recently working alongside Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling in movie The Big Short.

“Brad Pitt is incredible; he’s just got something special about him,” she gushed.

The multitalented star also has campaign deals with Pantene and Adidas NEO and travels the world as an ambassador for UNICEF. Her incredibly fortunate life always inspires her to do more for others.

“I was able to make my dreams come true and am living a very privileged life,” the humble beauty said.

“I see it as my duty to help people who weren’t as lucky.”

She’s also made it her priority to inspire young girls. Selena used to be very shy but wants people to see they can evolve and make the most of their lives.

“You should never stop dreaming and setting new goals for yourself,” she advised. “It’s what makes life so interesting!”
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Friday, 04. September 2015