Xenia Deli: I’m not dating Justin Bieber!

Even though Xenia Deli and Justin Bieber made out mightily in his music video for new single What Do You Mean, the model insists there’s no hanky-panky going on in real life.

Xenia Deli has completely dismissed rumours she and Justin Bieber are an item.

The 25-year-old Moldovan actress plays the love interest in the singer’s new What Do You Mean music video.

Xenia and Justin lock lips passionately in the promo, but this doesn’t mean any make-out sessions are happening in real life.

“No, I am not dating Justin and I am not dating anyone else," she told ET Online. "We are just friends.”

Xenia went on the emphasise the nature of her relationship with Justin.

The former Playboy star claims she made it a point to be purely professional while on set with the pop star.

“This is a job,” she stressed. “The story is passion love, about crazy love. We love each other, but at the same time we hate each other."

However, Xenia does acknowledge Justin possesses many qualities that would make a girlfriend very happy.

She is amazed by how polite he is, even though the star is still struggling to shake his bad boy image after being arrested more than once in 2014.

“Oh my gosh, he is different than we see him in the videos, or interviews or pictures,” Xenia gushed. “He is a gentleman. For me, it’s very important and what I appreciate in men — it doesn’t matter how old you are, how much money that you get, what is your job, you have to be respectful to a woman and this is how Justin is.”

Justin broke down in tears after performing What Do You Mean at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.

And Xenia is so fond of him as a friend, she “just wanted to give him a huge hug” as he cried.
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Tuesday, 01. September 2015