Watch Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dream" Here

We're still head over heals...

Taylor Swift premiered her music video for ‘Wildest Dreams’ at the VMAs (August 31) and we’re trying our very hardest not to use the whole ‘she made our dreams come true’ pun.

Oh what the heck, SHE MADE OUR WILDEST DREAMS COME TRUE. Not even sorry.

Starring all round hunk Scott Eastwood, there’s a whole load of angry shoving (a la ‘Blank Space’) and passionate make-up kissing, as Tay Tay plays a Hollywood actress who falls for the leading man.

Things we now need having seen the video: A head scarf, a boyfriend who looks like Scott Eastwood, lots of red lipstick, a lion, a giraffe, a yellow dress, some lightning and a one-way ticket to Africa.

What with the fancy dresses, the elephants and the epic song, we’re impressed.

Four for you Tay Tay, you go Tay Tay.

Monday, 31. August 2015