Beat Of Norway | 10.0

Time to put Norway in the limelight!

Whilst the Norwegian summer has been real disappointing, temperature wise, the same cannot be said for the music scene, as we’ve gotten some pretty solid offerings lately. I mean, look at all of these major collaborations, like that new track from Kygo Mørland – winner of Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix – which bascially blew our minds and our speakers.

Mørland – No Firewall
Last year Mørland took the Norwegian people by storm with his heartfelt Eurovision-song ‘A Monster Like Me’. He performed the song as part of a duo, along with Debrah Scarlett. Now he is ready to go at it all by himself with this huge new track ‘No Firewall’, written and produced by Mørland himself, who showcases his great vocals and prodution skills. The song builds up to a massive chorus at the end, and we find ourselves pushing the repeat-button again and again.

>>> First listen here!

Aurora – Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1)
Anyone interested in some more music from Aurora? Who are we trying to fool, everyone’s interested in Aurora. Her latest single is a toned down guitar-driven track, focusing on her beautiful voice. It has a strange moody feel to it, as we have gotten used to from most of her releases so far, and that’s just why we are so obsessed!

Le P – Beam Me Up
Another tropical DJ/Producer who is ready for the spotlight. ‘Beam Me UP’ is Little P’s first proper single, and he is definitely on to something. You certainly can’t deny the catchiness on this one!

“>>> First listen here!

*Avicci Ft Astrid S – Waiting For Love *
Avicii is pretty much unstoppable at this point. He keeps getting hit after hit, and his latest single ‘Waiting For Love’ isn’t going to change the trend. He recently released a remix EP, where our very own Astrid S has given the song a complete makeover and turned ‘Waiting For Love’ into a more melody-driven acoustic track. We are completely obessing over it, and might even prefer this version over the original. 

>>> First listen here!

Calvin Harris Ft. Disciples(And Ina Wroldsen) – How Deep Is Your Love

Calvin Harris has teamed up with the Disciples and released yet another summer smash. Although her name is not featured on the credits, the song was written by Ina Wroldsen, who is also the one singing. We’re not quite sure why she doesn’t get more credit for that, but still we are absolutely loving the sound of this collaboration. Ina never fails to amaze us, and Calvin Harris’ production mixed in with the deeper house vibe from Disciples is a match made in heaven. 

Kygo Ft Will Heard – Nothing Left *
Well this was definitely a breath of fresh air from Kygo. He has toned down the tropical vibes, and given us a softer and a little bit of a darker sound. He has joined forces with yet another male vocalist, *Will Heard
, who does a great job. To us this feels like quite a risky move, and we applaud him for that. We are very curious to see if this sound clicks with the audience in the same way as his previous monster hits ‘Firestone’ and ‘Stole The Show’.   

>>> First listen here!

Markus og Martinius – Elektrisk Ft. Katastrofe
It really doesn’t get more catchy than this. The hooks sticks to your brain instantly. Markus og Martinius are only thirteen years old, but they have surprisingly good vocals. We predict great things for these two.

Little Mix – Black Magic *
We know, we know, Little Mix aren’t from Norway. But their latest smash single ‘Black Magic’ is a norwegian product, as it is produced by our compatriots, *Electric
. We had to acknowledge the incredible success this song has had so far. It is the first song by a girl group to stay at number 1 for more than a week in the past eight years (Last time this happened it was with Sugababe’s ‘About You Know’). Congrats to the girls, and Electric

Written by Erik Rydning

Friday, 28. August 2015