Gaga: AHS inspires art of darkness

Lady Gaga does not view her role in American Horror Story: Hotel as a “side thing” and is in fact incorporating influences from the part into her everyday creative expression.

Lady Gaga is returning to the “art of darkness” thanks to her American Horror Story: Hotel role.

The 29-year-old pop icon portrays character Elizabeth in the forthcoming fifth season of the hit horror TV series, which premieres in October.

And being exposed to glamour and gore on set has inspired Gaga to embrace the “art of darkness” in her new music.

“Yes it will,” she told Entertainment Weekly of whether American Horror Story will influence her fresh songs. “It will inform me from this day forward, everyday more and more.”

Gaga’s role as the Countess Elizabeth is not something she takes lightly.

The Applause star will not be singing on the show and is putting her acting ability to the test in a major way.

“This is my focus right now,” she noted. “I don’t view this as a side thing that I’m doing in between other things. Cramming things in just to be everywhere all the time is really not what I like. It’s not what makes me happy. So it was planned out for me to do one project at a time and give my full attention to each so I can enjoy myself. I can give myself fully to the cast. If I were to saunter in here and not show true value to the work that’s already been done, that would be a massive mistake because these actors have been working for years. They’re extremely talented. I walked in on my first day and I was like, ‘I am going to give all of myself.’”

Gaga hopes her performance on American Horror Story: Hotel pleases the show’s creator Ryan Murphy.

She also believes her part might open up opportunities for other entertainers in unique ways.

“Pop culture puts us in our own lanes doesn’t it?” she mused. “They say, ‘Oh these are the music people and these are the television people and these are the movie people.’ I believe that Ryan also has an ability to affect pop culture as a whole. But then he’s going to affect the music world now because he’s believing in me as an actress.”
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Thursday, 27. August 2015