Taylor Swift 'thrilled with Harris support'

Taylor Swift is said to be pleased to have someone fighting her corner.

Taylor Swift is reportedly ecstatic that her beau Calvin Harris has her back.

Earlier this month Calvin got into a war or words with One Direction abdicator Zayn Malik, after Zayn supported quotes Miley Cyrus made about not caring if people bought her albums as she’s made enough money.

The statement was in direct contrast to Taylor’s stance. The country-turned-pop singer decided to remove her tracks from Spotify in 2014 over issues surrounding the free nature of the streaming service.

“Taylor’s never had a boyfriend stick up for her like this. She wouldn’t want to wade in on Zayn’s comments – she’s made her position about streaming clear, and doesn’t feel she’s to blame for the vitriol her comments inspires. Taylor would never ask Calvin to get involved, but she loved that he has her back,” a source told British magazine Grazia.

Calvin was quick to condemn Zayn’s views, telling the ex-boyband member to consider artists who aren’t so successful and still need to make money.

While Taylor stayed out of the online argument, she’s no stranger to Twitter rows. She got into a spat with Nicki Minaj in July over a tweet Nicki posted venting her frustration at being overlooked for an MTV VMA as a black artist.

The singers quickly resolved the issues, but Nicki went on to favourite one of Zanyn’s recent angry tweets.

“Taylor is the first to admit her tweets to Nicki were misjudged, whereas with Zayn she felt unfairly attacked. She’s been fighting her own battles for so long, it’s comforting knowing that Calvin is on her side. She’s increasingly convinced that he is The One. Since they got together, Calvin has been nothing but loyal and she says he’s been her rock lately. They are really happy together and having fun,” the insider said.
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Thursday, 27. August 2015