FYI: Twitter Created A VMA Moonman Emoji

...and it's simply awesome!

As you all might have heard, the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards will be going down this weekend. Being already all excited ‘bout the event itself, Twitter decided to kick it up a notch and spontaneously created *MTV’s* very own Moonman Emoji.

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Yap, this is not a drill! The VMA's got their actual first and own Emoji. From now on, every user, that is hash tagging either #VMA of #VMAs will get a very tiny moon man Emoji to pop up in their tweet. Now, how cute is that?!

Talking bout cute, our Moonman is very petite, but hey, as size doesn’t matter – welcome to the family Moonizzle. And BTW, he’s totally Jeremy Scott approved.

Don’t forget to tune in on the 2015 Video Music Awards, live from Los Angeles on the night of, August 30: Red Carpet 03:00AM & Main show 04:00AM.

Wednesday, 26. August 2015