TBT Alarm: Lauren Conrad And Whitney Port Just Reunited

…Thanks To Taylor Swift!

We’re pretty sure, that we don’t have to remind any of you ‘bout our favorite BFF power duo, Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port, right?! I mean, who could ever forget about the days, when these two were managing stressful fashion runway shows, or gossiping about their latest romantic interests, whilst being colleagues and BFF’s on ‘The Hills’.

And while the two ladies no longer sit with each other at work (oh remember the Teen Vogue garment closet), it appears that the pair haven’t skipped a beat since they were tasked with managing Lisa Love’s and Kelly Cutrone’s requests as ambitious interns, until now. It all went down on August 22nd, the day when Whit and LC should reunite at – now lets all take a deep breath – Taylor Swifts's Los Angeles leg of her 1989 World Tour.

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And even though, their cute backstage snapshot makes it all pretty obvious, it must be stated: While certain cast members from the Tinseltown crew may not be as thick as thieves, there’s certainly no ‘bad blood’ between these two.

While the SoCal natives didn’t share any other pics from the reunion – or them shaking it off to Tay Tay's tunes – the soon-to-be bride, Whitney did post an Instagram image from the musical extravaganza.

PS: Thank you Swifty*

Thursday, 27. August 2015