Nick Jonas: Being single is odd

Nick Jonas is still getting used to life on his own.

Nick Jonas has found being single a big adjustment.

The 22-year-old singer split from Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo in June, after almost two years together. He’s still coming to terms with the end of their relationship and has decided not to jump into anything too soon.

“Interesting,” he told Adon magazine when asked how being single feels. "It’s still an adjustment, getting used to my life on my own is an interesting thing. I’m in a good place of being young and grow and do what I need to do right now.”

Luckily for Nick he has a lot going on professionally now, which means he can throw himself into work. He’s been appearing in US TV series Kingdom and has also released new music, which has earned him a best male video nomination at this weekend’s MTV VMAs for his track Chains. He’ll also be performing at the show, which his ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus is presenting, choosing the ceremony for the live debut of his new track Levels.

Alongside all of this he has his label Safehouse Records to work on, which he set up with Demi Lovato – who briefly dated his brother Joe Jonas.

“Demi and I [have been] friends for a really long time, we have the same manager and we all talked about wanting to create an environment for artist when we can all create freely and feel protected by each other and by the people that we work with. So the idea was to launch Safehouse. It’s a record label and publishing company,” he explained.

The pair want to give upcoming stars the tools to control their own careers, which is why they started the label.
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Tuesday, 25. August 2015