Sparks: Derulo split caused pain and confusion

Jordin Sparks had to “learn the ropes again” as a solo artist.

Jordin Sparks suffered the same painful confusion any other girl goes through during a breakup.

The 25-year-old split with Talk Dirty singer Jason Derulo in September last year after a two-year relationship. Their romance and subsequent parting played out in front of the media and while Jordin has moved on, she insists her heartbreak at the time was like anyone else’s.

“People think that a celebrity breakup is different, and it is in the way that it’s public. But you still feel the same sort of pain and confusion,” she confessed to Billboard. “I just had to deal with it. And I played Big Sean’s I Don’t F**k with You multiple times a day!"

Jordin is not only in a new relationship with rapper Sage the Gemini, but she has also returned to her solo career. Six years after her last studio album, Battlefield, the singer is back with new music and admitted to the outlet that she’s a little nervous about it.

“The landscape has changed so much that it was just like, ‘Is this going to work? Will people still care?’” she confessed. “I think it was natural to have those doubts after six years without a solo record. Everything is so different now. I had to learn the ropes again."

However the American Idol alum is proud of the latest record, Right Here, Right Now. One of her favourite tracks is It Ain’t You as it gave Jordin a chance to speak her mind.

“DJ Mustard had the beat, and Ty Dolla Sign had already written a song to it, but I was like, ’There’s no way that I can say these lyrics!‘” she laughed. “So we rewrote the verses and left the chorus. It’s my response to all those songs that are dissing me as a woman."

The song with the most sentiment for the singer is called 11:11.

“It was inspired by my mum always texting me ‘Make a wish’ at 11:11 in the morning or at night,” she smiled. “It’s really sweet when somebody’s thinking of you like that."
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Monday, 24. August 2015