Wiz Khalifa: My hoverboard arrest was unjust

Wiz Khalifa is upset about being roughed up by the cops at Los Angeles International Airport over the weekend.

Wiz Khalifa thinks his hoverboard arrest is unbelievably unjust.

The 27-year-old was passing through Los Angeles International Airport Saturday, but his travels were marred by a confrontation with police.

Wiz was riding his hoverboard at the airport and when he refused to get off the apparatus at cops’ request, next thing he knew the Black and Yellow rapper found himself face down on the ground.

“I was riding this [hoverboard] thing — there’s no rule against it — and these motherf**kers came up on me, slammed me off of it, f**king hurt my knee and sh*t, so as soon as they make a law that we’re gonna stop riding them, but six months from now when all the rich people are riding them they ain’t gonna say sh*t,” the hip hop star told X17 Online. “But they slammed me off of mine and f**king arrested me and ended up letting me go anyway.”

When asked if he is interested in putting forth a lawsuit against the officers for excessive force, Wiz made it clear that’s not yet crossed his mind.

“It’s too early for all that, I’m just pissed,” he noted.

Wiz thinks the whole situation could have been handled differently.

The star doesn’t believe he should’ve been treated like a criminal for gliding around on a hoverboard.

“I didn’t do nothing, anyway,” Wiz said. “What you want to do? Put me in jail because I didn’t listen to what you say?”
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Monday, 24. August 2015