FYI: There Are New Emojis On The Way

  • Prince: Emojipedia Someday your prince may come! In an effort to represent both men and women in each type of emoji, there may be a man with a crown to go with the current princess emoji.

  • Groom (or James Bond, if you want): In the same gender-fairness vein as the prince, the bride will get a groom (if she swings that way). If she’s not interested, you could use the man in tuxedo emoji for anything where a mentioning a fellow in a penguin suit would be appropriate.

  • Dancing Man: There may be a dancing man emoji to go with the all-too-familiar emoji of a salsa dancing woman in red. That’s pretty neat, because if we had a nickel for every time “Stayin’ Alive” comes up in a text conversation, we would have … under an Euro, probably.

  • Wilted Flower and Black Heart: Wilted Flower and Black Heart

  • Hands: Emojipedia There’s a slew of new hand gestures that are finalists, including left and right-facing fists — perfect for fist bumping your buds. Other hand-themed emojis include a handshake, fingers crossed and a hand making a “call me” gesture.

  • Expressions and Faces: Finalists in this category include nauseated, drooling, rolling on the floor laughing, lying and a face painted like a clown, which will live in our nightmares.

  • Vehicles: Apparently enough people ride Vespas and scooters to warrant their inclusion as emojis. The true blessing in this category is a stop sign, which we’re surprised isn’t an emoji already.

  • Animals: Unicode 9.0 candidates include an owl, bat, duck and shark. A gorilla emoji is also a finalist, and we hope it ends up looking like Shabani, the world’s sexiest gorilla.

  • Food: Emojipedia You can never have too many food emoji, and candidates on this list include baguette bread, green salad, potato and two that are highly anticipated: avocado and bacon. The latter has been wanted for so long that there’s actually a petition to get it added.

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    If you’ve ever longed to text someone a potato, you could be in luck.

    This are exciting times, as the finalists for the Unicode 9 update – the industry standard for our precious, precious emojis – finally have been announced, and Emojipedia commissioned artists to imagine what these new characters may look like.

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    Check out which new emojis might illustrate our texts, tweets and every other part of our digital lives next year in our picture gallery above.

    The bacon emoji is an true all-rounder.

    Monday, 24. August 2015