So, Chris Brown Got Punk'd

...and lost his s**t.

BET’s revival of MTV’s classic show 'Punk’d' debuted on Tuesday night, and Chris Brown was one of the first victims of the prank show’s reboot.

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The setting, a desert music video shoot for a collab between Breezy and French Montana, and the plot: What would Chris Brown do if an abandoned girl ended up on his set? All we want so say for know is, that it definitely looks like as if Chris Brown’s fatherly instincts are on high alert…

But this isn’t the first time poor Breezy has been the victim of an elaborate made-for-TV hoax. Back in 2007, he got his first taste of the 'Punk’d' life on an episode of the Ashton Kutcher-hosted show. So much #TBT vibez today.

Thursday, 20. August 2015