Zac Efron: Max catfished me for new movie!

Zac Efron had never seen anything like his new film We Are Your Friends.

Zac Efron has joked he was cast in his new movie after meeting the director online.

The 27-year-old actor stars as aspiring disk jockey Cole Carter in We Are Your Friends, helmed by Max Joseph. Max is best known for his role on show Catfish, in which he and pal Nev Schulman help internet lovers meet for the first time. Zac couldn’t help but bring up the programme when talking about how his latest project came about.

“Initially it was Max… We met on the internet, on a dating site, it was a random coincidence,” Zac quipped on BBC Radio 1. “I think all of us could relate to the script, I think we found something really special. It was a combination of the material itself and then Max’s enthusiasm that really drew me to the movie. There was nothing I’d ever seen like it. A lot of people have tried to make a story or a movie about electronic dance music and this one was different as it wasn’t necessarily a story about that… It was a story about friends, about love, and there’s a beautiful love triangle in the movie.”

Max joined in, joking that he made Zac take a photo of himself with his driver’s licence to verify his identity.

Also starring in the movie is model-turned-actress Emily Ratajkowski, who describes the flick as a “classic coming-of-age-story”. She plays Zac’s onscreen love interest Sophie and busts some impressive dance moves throughout.

But she was no competition for the handsome star, who found international fame after starring in the High School Musical films.

“Do I miss singing? I still sing all the time – I’m always singing around the house, in the shower…” he trailed off.

“The biggest challenge for Zac on the movie actually was not dancing,” Max laughed.
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Wednesday, 19. August 2015