Demi Lovato slams false facts

Demi Lovato has shared a ridiculous story which was made up about her.

Demi Lovato has laughed off claims that she’s rude to people.

The 22-year-old is a singer and actress, but with her fame comes some downsides. Not a day goes by that Demi isn’t in the press, with some stories too bizarre to be true.

“Well there was one time where I actually read… somebody had posted online that I said some ridiculous stuff and that I was extremely rude to them on a flight to Cancún or somewhere random like that, but the funny thing was I had actually never been and it was ridiculous,” she told BBC Radio 1’s Scott Mills. “They said my last name was lavender and that I… they just made up a bunch of stuff and it was more comical than anything. Nobody believed it, but it was pretty funny.”

The brunette beauty is too busy to worry about false remarks anyway as she jets around the globe promoting her new single Cool for the Summer. The catchy track has a hot video to accompany it, which sees Demi strut about in an array of revealing outfits.

When quizzed on whether the lyrics are about a forbidden love, with lines such as ’Don’t tell your mother / Kiss one another / Die for each other,’ the star didn’t dismiss the idea.

“Possibly, possibly. It’s not so much about who it’s about, maybe the question is what is it about and I kind of let my fans decide that,” she explained. “We had a great thing [shooting the video] and it was a long, long shoot but overall it ended up turning out really great. I worked really hard to train for that video so I showed a little skin.”

Her rigorous exercise regime will also pay off for when she walks down the aisle as Iggy Azalea’s bridesmaid. The Australian rapper is engaged to Nick Young and Demi can’t wait for the wedding ceremony.
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Tuesday, 18. August 2015