Ed Sheeran Says "Byzies"

...to all of his lion tattoo haters.

Lets be honest, we all were kinda shocked, or lets say ‘surprised’, as soon as Ed Sheeran took his new lion tattoo to Twitter. I mean… roar … it bascially covers up his entire chest…

But, if Ed's happy, we’re happy, thus, nothing can disfigure an Ed Sheeran, right?!

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I mean, he already has a wide variety of tattoos, from ‘Shrek’ to a gingerbread man to a matching Pingu the Penguin with Harry Styles, said this isn’t the first weird tattoo – or his last. And guess what? He likes them all.

So a Sheeran had to do, what a Sheeran had to do, and simply said ‘byzies’ to all those haters of his new lion tattoo, including Tom Chaplin, whose part of the band Keane.

Eventually, Ed's tattoo seems to be the perfect choice, as he seems to be a true lion at heart – ROAR.

Tuesday, 18. August 2015