We Predict 1D's Post-Band Careers

  • We predict One Direction’s post-band careers (and it’s a little emotional) >>>

  • Harry Styles: The boy is MADE for the fashion world. But if it turns out he doesn't love the idea of being the next Tom Ford, he can have a job here at MTV writing about the latest trends or his newest tattoo. We think we'd be alright with that.

  • Louis Tomlinson: Give it a few years and Louis will be coaching his son/daughter’s football team and being one of those embarrassing dads who like takes the whole thing very seriously even though the kids are like five years old and WE JUST CANNOT EVEN COPE.

  • Liam Payne: Liam always wanted to be a firefighter, right? Well, after that properly heroic (but very terrifying) accident involving his best mate Andy, we’re not sure he’ll still be too keen on that – so how about a nice job as a music teacher instead? He’s basically been whipping his bandmates into shape for the last five years, so he’d be a natural at getting a full class of teenagers to behave.

  • Niall Horan: The boy loves his hometown so much, we’re 99% sure he’ll end up back in Mullingar and eventually become the Mayor. But just take a second to fully imagine Niall as a mayor… The whole place would end up like a Sim City - full of rollercoasters, sweet shops and he’d probably pay his favourite band (5SOS) to perform there every night for the rest of eternity.

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    ...and it's a bit emotional.

    Poor ol’ Liam Payne has been the bearer of bad news of late, being the first telling the world why Zayn Malik really left One Direction and now, that the four remaining lads will be taking an acutal break once their fifth album is all done and dusted.

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    And although the idea of going months without any on stage shenanigans or hilarious interviews is pretty devastating, we can’t help but start wondering just what the band will do once they DO officially call it a day.

    To ease the pain of that ever happening, here’s our predictions for what each lad will be up to in the future…

    Friday, 14. August 2015