Bella Thorne: Driving terrifies me

Bella Thorne has admitted some of her biggest phobias have to due with travelling at fast speeds.

Bella Thorne shudders at the thought of driving a car.

The 17-year-old The DUFF actress is now old enough to get a driver’s permit in the state of California.

But even though most teenagers are overly eager to get behind the wheel when they reach the legal age to start driving, the possibility of steering a car makes Bella want to hide under a rock.

“I have a fear of driving and so I still don’t drive,” she admitted to ET Online. "I don’t have a permit.

“I’m best friends with my mum, so she kind of just takes me everywhere. She was like, ‘Bella, get a car and once you get a car you’ll like want to drive and want to drive your car.’ So I get a car [but] I’m perfectly content watching her drive it.”

Bella turns 18 years old on October 8 and the star is unsure what she’ll do to celebrate the milestone age.

She is likely to be filming Midnight Sun with co-star Patrick Schwarzenegger around that time, but if Bella can get away from movie sets for a while, fans will probably find her screaming on a roller coaster.

“If I’m home I want to do a theme park — that would be so cool,” she gushed about potential birthday plans. “I love theme parks and roller coasters. Although I do have a fear of heights so I don’t know.”

Bella is currently promoting her new dramatic thriller movie Big Sky, which sees her depicting a character who suffers from severe agoraphobia.

She loved challenging herself in the flick, as the star is keen on showing the world her wide acting range.

“I fought for these roles, I wanted them badly and the directors and studios knew that and gave them to me," she said. “Everybody thinks that you know a Disney actor can’t doing anything beside Disney. And that is not true most of the time. I don’t think I have ever worked harder in my life than when I was on the Channel. It is a lot of work.”
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Thursday, 13. August 2015