Niall Horan: I don't mean to moan

Niall Horan warns his fans to not chase him as he thinks it's dangerous.

Niall Horan never wants to sound like a moaner.

The Irish charmer is one fourth of One Direction, and he and bandmates Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne frequently find amorous fans like to follow them around.

However things can often get hairy when their supporters spot them on the roads, and Niall often takes to his Twitter to tell people to calm down.

“First of all [I do it] because it’s dangerous. We’ve been chased down streets, been on the motorway at 70mph, surly that’s not safe? Also we go to these cities, we don’t get to see a lot of them, and to have your friends in places like that, it’s nice to get out.

“I never want to seem like I’m moaning, and I probably sound like I am because in characters on a tweet it probably does sound quite moany,” Niall told BBC Radio 1. “It comes with the territory I guess, but I’m just throwing it out there.”

One Direction recently released surprise new track Drag Me Down, their first without Zayn Malik who quit the band in March. Niall admits the boys are surprised by the amazing reception the song received, and they’re over the moon their music careers continues to flourish.

Being an A-list star has afforded Niall a privileged life, including meeting most of his sporting heroes. However there’s a fellow singer he’s yet to run into.

“I haven’t met Beyoncé [Knowles]… I’d like to meet her. She’s got that majestic look about her. I think if I would get to meet her I would get starstruck,” he smiled. “We’ve been in the same building a couple of times but we’ve never met.”

While chatting to DJ Scott Mills, 21-year-old Niall also answered a round of quick fire questions, revealing that he finds naked mirror selfies “cringe”, and that he’s never thrown a diva strop or pulled a sickie to get out of work.
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Monday, 10. August 2015