Joe Manganiello: I'm an outsider

Joe Manganiello floated between lots of different groups at school but couldn't find his place.

Joe Manganiello never fitted in at school.

These days it seems the actor has everything, scoring hoards of fans thanks to his bulging muscles in Magic Mike and getting engaged to Hollywood beauty Sofía Vergara last year.

But it hasn’t always been so effortless for 38-year-old Joe, who used to feel like the outcast.

“No, I was such a nerd,” he admitted to the German edition of Cosmopolitan when asked if he’s always been this cool. “I may have been captain of the sports team, but I was skinny and wore huge glasses. I was good at sports, but also at art and maths. I was the outsider, who joined in with everything, but never really fit in. I wasn’t very happy back then, but that all changed at college.”

At college Joe studied drama, which helped him find his “place” and realise that it’s a positive thing not to be pigeonholed.

But despite that, he has noticed that people often make assumptions about him even now.

“Absolutely. Most people think muscly men aren’t particularly bright,” he admitted. “Hardly anyone knows that I graduated from a top university [Carnegie Mellon]. And my roles, ranging from werewolf [in True Blood] to stripper, don’t say much about my intelligence either. But I just love playing such crazy roles, the funnier the better! I love shocking people or making them scream in delight. I have a rebellious streak that just loves to provoke.”
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Sunday, 09. August 2015