Joss Stone: I’m not interest in stardom

Joss Stone is actively fighting against her celebrity status.

Joss Stone wishes people would only concentrate on her music.

The 28-year-old singer has done a pretty good job of keeping out of the limelight, preferring to live a quiet existence.

When it comes to the publicity aspect of fame, she finds it difficult to accept that her private life is of interest.

“I would much prefer it if people would only talk about my music and my lyrics,” she sighed to the German edition of Glamour magazine. “That’s the part of my life I make public. Other things I want to keep to myself.”

Joss’ latest album Water for Your Soul was released on Friday but she did little to promote the record. It was a conscious decision for the soul star.

“I’m really trying to fight against this celebrity thing,” she explained. “I just want to sing and give concerts. And in order to do that, you don’t really have to buy into all this celebrity stuff.”

Rather than moving to the US like many other singing hopefuls, the British star has stayed in Devon, England. And it’s there she’ll always feel most at home.

“That’s where I grew up,” she smiled. “I’m surrounded by green fields and have just two neighbours. Nobody there is bothered by pop music, let alone trends or hipster rubbish. You’re not allowed to build any new houses there either. So even in 100 years it will still look the same, which is a nice thought.”
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Sunday, 09. August 2015